How far in advance of our event do we need to secure your services?

One year prior to the event is standard. We highly recommend clients to book the hall and the band simultaneously especially if you are set on having us!

How many musicians are in your orchestra?

The size of the band needed will greatly depend on the size of the room and the style of music you want performed, any special preferences you may have, and of course, your budget. Normally we start with an eight piece band, but we are available in a smaller or larger group.

How will the orchestra be dressed?

Tuxedos for the guys and gowns for the gals!

Who will be Master of Ceremonies?

All of our singers have extensive experience with running and coordinating all types of events. Depending on what language is needed we can MC in English, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish.

Can you perform a wide range of musical styles and special song requests if needed?

One of our specialties is the diverse wide range of music which include: Top 40, Hip-Hop, Club/House music, Rock-n-Roll, Motown, Classic Disco, Big Band, 50’s, Standards, Jewish, Latin, Russian, Italian, and French. We also guarantee that each style is done authentically!

If I provide you with a list of songs, will you be able to play them?

Yes. Well in advance of the event provide us with a list of songs you would like played during the reception. Include song titles, singers/composers.

When should we get together to go over all details concerning our party?

Depends on your comfort level, but normally at least four weeks prior to your special day. We are always a phone call away. 

Does your band have insurance?


How do you control the volume of music?

It is important to us that the guests at your party are comfortable with the music volume. We are dedicated to keeping the music throughout the party at a level that is exciting, yet civilized. The acoustics of your room will also be a contributing factor when it comes to volume. Always seat the elderly people as far away as you can from the band/speakers.

How many breaks does the band take?

We usually take one break for the main course. It is also important for us to work with the maître d’ of the catering hall. Certain courses require guests to be seated. In that case we still play soft music.

How far do you travel?

Anywhere in the world. We have performed all over the United States and overseas!

Do you coordinate the final details with the catering hall?

This is a crucial point! In most cases we get together with you two weeks or a month prior to your event. We go over times and the order of all details. You will receive a copy of this and we highly recommend forwarding this to the catering hall. We feel it is extremely important for the maître d’ and the band to be on the same page.